Links (section updated 26-09-2003)

Official sites Official Midge Ure-site Official Ultravox site handled by EV's own Cerise Reed & Rob Harris

Unofficial/fansites (added 20-6-03) this is a weird private page from Wuppertal (that's in Germany!)...includes stock exchanges etc. under headline "we turned the dial we heard the news..." as well as a gallery, places to go out in Wuppertal, some Formula One data and a Midge Ure-biography (definitely a fan-page!....) (included 17-5-2003) great site on anything new wave & music history...has a great interview with Warren Cann and a synopsis of Ultravox' & Midge Ure's career, song-lyrics and statements from reviews here...great site!!! (included 05-05-2003) great report & pictures on Midge's Reading gig on Monday 26 November 2001 - any reports of THIS tour (meaning SLTH?)

FanOfVox (Added 30-3-2003)

Midge Ure/Ultravox-site from Sweden run by Susanne - includes an "album with photos of Uvox and Midge Ure" - have a look! (link added 08-04-2003) Great Japanese site maintained by Riichi Yoshimura (all things Ultravox, Midge Ure and Visage, includes some very hard to find vinyl & cds!) (Link UPDATED 26-09-03)


The Dutch Midge Ure & Ultravox fan-site designed by Ageeth van Amerongen and Hennie van Hoorn (NEW! - 16-9-2003) great site on Steve Strange, The Blitz and Visage, often updated! UPDATED!! Ultravox Station - an unofficial Japanese fan-site on Ultravox Nordic fan-site on Ultravox The music world of Jonas Warstad - includes interview with Ultravox/Warren Cann, information on Visage and John Foxx amongst other electronic music artists (added 09-06-2003) private Dutch site with pictures of Midge & Dutch fans...very funny that one!


updated 1-6-2003

All Fall Down (this was formerly Midge - thy name is God) is a British Midge Ure-site maintained by Hayley Morris. Site comes in with a great selection of Midge / Ultravox-pictures, biographical data, quotes, links and even a section with the promising title "Play Vienna" (with all the required notes and lyrics you can start your tribute band NOW!) check this one out!


Artists Midge has worked with or is working with: Billy Currie's own website, here's to get direct information from the former Ultravox man Gordon Giltrap


Official site of Howard Jones

click here for special 20th anniversary concert at Shepherd's Bush which Midge Ure, Nena and one more "mystery" guest will take part in (NEW!) official site of former Sex Pistol and Rich Kid, Glen Matlock (NEW!) The Mod Pop Punk Archives, site includes history of Punk, the Sex Pistols and some rare pictures of the Rich Kids...(one with Midge Ure "smoking") (NEW!) Steve Harley (official site), click on picture with Steve & Midge to enlarge... (NEW!) site of former Slik keyboardist, Billy McIsaak (& Band)...
Fraser Spiers...(with whom Midge used to play in his first semi-professional band Stumble...and who has moved on to become one of Britain's "best known harmonica players"...incidentally) site mentioning Fraser Spiers


site mentioning Fraser Spiers site mentioning Fraser Spiers
THIN LIZZY / PHIL LYNOTT-sites (link added 07-04-2003) Roisin Dubh Trust - official site commemorating the artistic life of Philip Paris Lynott, site made by Roddy Cleere, Philomena Lynott (Phil's mother) and Roisin Dubh Trust (link updated 07-04-2003) site featuring official video about Phil Lynott which includes interviews with Philomena Lynott, Midge Ure, Bob Geldof, Bono, Jon Bon Jovi, Gary Moore, Slash, Mark Knopfler and many others

(link included 07-04-2003)

Roisin Dubh: The electronic Thin Lizzy magazine maintained by Adam Winstanley (link included 07-04-2003) Thin Lizzy - A Rock Legend, site maintained by David Hirst, Lennart Hedenstrom, Dawn McCarrick, Ozzie, Phil Osborne and Dan Donnelly. Contributions welcome! (link added 08-04-2003) Thin Lizzy - A visual discography - site maintained by Donald R. Bolster (includes pictures of Japanese Thin Lizzy vinyl - for all who are interested) Mick Karn (fan-site) Troy Donockley Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17 (link included 08-04-2003) Ryoichi Yuki (who's album "Dear God" was produced by Midge Ure)
SITES ON KATE BUSH (this section included 25-5-2003):
NEW! - brilliant site on anything Kate Bush includes links, features, discography, interviews and many other interesting things to follow up great site dedicated to "the genius that is Kate Bush", includes a video where Midge introduces Kate at the Q awards in October 2001 (with Spielberg Sky being played when he walks on stage!) interesting site - not solely on Kate Bush but also other (female) singers great Kate Bush-site with lots of links to other KB-websites, discography, fan-club addresses, videos and much more

Hello Earth! - a tribute to Kate Bush - brilliant, wonderful site on the British singer - from the Netherlands I understand (includes some latest news on a baby Kate has had and a new album!) this has a selection of great Kate Bush-sites, one of which includes a Tarot-set specifically designed in honour of Kate's work! (see next entry) great site which includes a Kate Bush Tarot set!
  many more sites to come!


Other sites of interest... (NEW!) Here's another project Midge helped get started in 2000 all linked to the protection of oranutans in Borneo...;-))) (NEW!) includes a picture and review of Midge's live-performance at the Womad gig in Gran Canaria, 12/11/99 (NEW! included 30-6-2003) includes a great picture of Midge and various other contributors to the Steve Marriott Tribute.... - added 09-06-2003 Harmone - what music means to you - Want to form a band? - Need information on music resources (venues, instruments, record companies, management etc.) - then this is your site! - It's American but this doesn't mean it isn't for you! (yes, YOU!) - Apart from various tips & tricks when working as a professional musician, this site includes the latest news on the "biz"...sources for resources required on the buzz, sorry bizziness...links to (free) mp3-downloads from the net, a listening section, latest events and much more...check it out! included 05-05-2003 Unofficial Live Aid-site from France - check this one out! - includes a great photogallery, memorabilia-section and many things and more!...great site!


Artist Direct webpage, includes most recent news on tour-dates amongst other things!
more to come!