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Hello, and welcome to this site! I hope you enjoy it! - As you may have gathered from the above links-sections, this site is dedicated to bringing together a great selection of interviews, articles and (gig) reports which have been published since 1976 (yes, it's been that long!) and which focus on one of Britain's musically most versatile and artistically creative musician...(if this seems quite a verdict here, take my word for it, he surely IS!)...

...Cambuslang-born "musicians' musician", acoustic live performer and musical spendthrift, Midge Ure (lots of "mmm's" in here but...!)

Putting all this together is I must admit "a bit of a task", but fun to do as well, and I hope you enjoy the read as much as I do and did.

If you would like to contribute / add / or comment anything on this site, this is your place to do so...leave your feedback here (guestbook) or contact me directly via my e-mail address which reads as following: - I will try and answer your questions, reply to your critcism or add things to this site that you would like to see up here...come up with something if you like! - (be creative!)

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This is quite important! - So please read! (or scribble into your notebook!)

If you have perused the above list of interviews (bibliography-section for instance), you may have gathered that this list is somewhat extensive! - Not all interviews mentioned there are actually published on this site as all interviews displayed here in complete form are due for copyright permissions. I have collected too many interviews and reports to ask for permission and corresponding publication on this site for all of them (very time- and money-consuming, phone-costs going up etc.!).

However, don't fear (the stranger within) I will not "leave you in the cold" (as it's quite warm & sunny outside right now!), so what this site can offer you now - apart from a great selection of Midge Ure-articles & interviews (in his various "guises" as member of Slik, Rich Kids, Visage, Thin Lizzy, Ultravox or as a solo-artist!) - is the following:

If you want to leave feedback or contact me about anything reviewed or featured on this site, here's your chance - use the guestbook or e-mail me directly!

Click on 2002/Catford for the interview I did with Midge last year in May (2002). As everything on this site, this may be freely downloaded and used for non-commerical purposes! If you make reference to any of the texts other than the interviews, respectively the compilations or lists displayed on this site, I would be very grateful if you

Thanks for your pleasurable attention & taking a note!

UPDATED 13-09-2003: Feature - The "cover story" - Midge Ure on front covers of different magazines - from the UK, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and Japan...(in Slik, Rich Kids, Ultravox and solo-work) here.

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