Interviews in books, articles by and about Midge Ure, Warren Cann, Billy Currie, George Martin, autobiographies by Bob Geldof and Glen Matlock and much more...updated 16-07-2003


Making Music, the Guide to Writing, Performing & Recording edited by George Martin, includes articles by Midge Ure, Warren Cann, Hans Zimmer(!), Sting, Geoff Emerick, George Martin, Jeff Beck, Tim Clark (how a record company works explained through the promotion of Ultravox' record "Quartet") and many more. Great insight into how the music business works (or seems to!)

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NEW! - Gunther Matjeka, Musiker-Selbstportraits, Voggenreiter Verlag, 2002

ingenious book which includes 93 self-portraits of artists such as Phil Collins, Mark Knopfler, Lou Reed, Michael Hutchence, Nina Hagen, Melissa Etheridge, Cliff Richard, Ronan Keating and Midge Ure. Each portrait includes a small story to go with, so it's a very amusing book and a great collector's item for everyone interested in rock music. Midge Ure's self-portrait is on page 182 and was drawn by the artist in 1996. The comments are from an interview Gunther Matjeka conducted in 2000. I can only recommend this book!

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language: German, 22,95 Euro, ISBN 3-8024-0439-4


Michael Norman, Ben Dickey: The Complete Synthesiser Handbook, London, 1984

this is another out of print book which includes more of a serious approach toward writing music with a synthesiser, first published in 1984 by Zomba Books...includes an interview with Billy Currie and - very rare - also with Conny Plank!...chapter eight entitled "Synthesiser Live" comes in with a whole section on how Ultravox prepare for & perform(ed) "Vienna" live, a stage plan of Ultravox Monument-tour and Billy's transcription of the middle-section of "Vienna". Very interesting read if I may say so...any musicians among you? - Try and get it (above address or ebay). - The interview with Conny Plank is more on how he worked with the Eurythmics but also includes brief impressions of his work with Ultravox at his Cologne studio (and various parties celebrated there!)


Rockschool 2, electronics, keyboards & vocals, BBC series, 1987

includes video, volume 5 and companion to the public television series hosted by Herbie Hancock, edited by Chris Lent, 1987, video in NTSC-format

video is volume 5 (of 6 videos) - "melody and soloing the lifeblood of rock". Includes Midge Ure, Tony Banks, James Ingram, Danny Johnson, Graham Bonnet, Communards and others, also with performances by Annie Lennox, the Pointer Sisters and Bronski Beat

companion includes a two-page interview with Midge Ure about vocal techniques

  Ultravox - in their own words...(I've also seen an Italian version of this one around)...first published in...1984 by Omnibus Press...includes snippets of various interviews which I have been able to trace down to their original source here and there...great pictures...great read...part of a string of "In Their Own Words"-books featuring different pop & rock "greats" of the time (middle-section of the 80's that is)...very interesting read...and great photographs of the band!


Mark Putterford: Philip Lynott. The Rocker, Chessington, January 1994.

Great biography about Phil Lynott includes clips from interviews with Midge Ure, Chris Morrison (Ultravox' and Lizzy's manager) and many more...

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Glen Matlock with Pete Silverton: I was a teenage Sex Pistol, first published by Virgin Press 1996 (previous edition by Omnibus Press in 1990)

Autobiography by the ex-Sex Pistol, includes story of how Midge and Rusty (Egan) joined the Rich Kids - an insider's view of Punk and what followed after.

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Bob Geldof: Is that it?, Harmondsworth, 1986 (Penguin Press)

Great autobiography by the man who initiated Band Aid with Midge.

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this one here by Sally James, first published by Eel Pie Publishing Ltd, London 1981 includes a great interview with all members of Ultravox (which you didn't get that often at the time...mostly one or two members doing different interviews for different people & magazines)'s the full title of the "work": Sally James: Almost legendary. Pop interviews, London, 1981...interview on pages 83-89

Sally James used to present Saturday morning programmes on British television in the late 1970's and early 80's (as for instance "Saturday Scene" or ATV's "Tiswas") during which she interviewed a string of pop & rock "greats" of the time...this book includes interviews with (in order of appearance) Adam Ant, Bad Manners, Kate Bush, Phil Collins, Roger Daltrey, Sheena Easton, Dave Edmunds, Motorhead, Rick Parfitt, Spandau Ballet, Toyah, Ultravox and Kim Wilde. Great read even today!


Petra Zeitz: Rock Star Interviews. Conversations with Leading Performers and Songwriters, Jefferson (USA), 1993

this is another "great" among rock & pop's interview books (which there aren't too many around I'm afraid...sadly!). Pages 278-283 includes an interview with Midge Ure conducted on the occasion of his Pure-tour appearance in Cologne on 20 November, 1991. The book is split into several parts and musicians interviewed are as following:

Rock Legends: Jack Bruce, Jim Capaldi, Roger Daltrey, Genesis, Ian Gillan, Paul McCartney, The Moody Blues, Cozy Powell, Roger Taylor; Songwriters: Johnathan Butler, Billy Falcon, John Wesley Harding, Garland Jeffreys, Michelle Shocked; Heavy Rock: The Black Crowes, Europe, Giant, MSG (McAuley Schenker Group), Slaughter, Status Quo, Tesla; Pop & Rock Music: ABC, Croweded House, DNA, Julian Lennon, Marillion, Roxette, Curtis Stigers, They Might Be Giants; Celtic Connection: Bands and Musicians from Ireland and Scotland: Big Country, The Chieftains, Fish, Hothouse Flowers, Runrig, Andrew Strong, Midge Ure; Blues Guitarists: Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Chris Whitley.


George Tremlett: Slik, first published Futura Publications Ltd, 1976

this is a great though slightly dated (and of course very astonishing) book (as it prophesizes Slik a huge and long career..hmm..hmm)...still I guess it's a "must read" for everyone interested in Midge Ure's career (even in its early stages) with stories of Slik you will probably get nowhere else. Includes pictures of early Slik & Salvation, Slik's producers Bill Martin & Phil Coulter, and - curious me! - photographs of the four band-members' birth certificates...(I had Midge sign his but that's a different story...all for the "fan-corner" which I have installed here...for your perusal and personal additions and commentary...if you LIKE...bit of a drift here for this site...but....!...all belongs in there!...;-)))...hope you like it)