An Interview with Midge Ure...New Sounds New Styles?

Interview by Christine Pfannstiel

Remember Ultravox? Eighties' band with several hits in the top twenty, including classic songs such as "Vienna", "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" or "Hymn". Yo! But ask someone today, they might know the song (if you're lucky!) but the name of the group, least the singer? - Midge Ure has come a long way since his - golden? - days in Ultravox. Not only does he play acoustic renditions of formerly synthesised tracks such as - the above but also shows that he does in fact have a sense of humour...on and offstage.

When I booked my ticket for the WOMAD-concert that would take place that Saturday night (25/5/2002 - dunno what that is in Buddhist time, Midge, sorry about that!), I remember feeling slightly wary of the fact that there would be three - apparently totally different - types of artists appearing onstage that night. Didn't seem too clear what that was all about but anyway I'd go.

Plus Midge would host the whole event, and there was an interview to do anyway. So I'd pack up my questions which I'd prepared for this site and fly over.... -


There aren't many things in life that one feels one MUST do...or should...just if you're wondering how it all came about...and why...

left-hand picture: Georgina Ingleson