Interviews & reviews in 1977 (section updated 20-08-2003):

  1. Author?: Slik Xmas Special. Magic moments we'll never forget. Midge under the mistletoe, in: Supersonic, January 1977, p. 7 (cover has Midge on and the question "What did Midge do under the mistloe"... (added 30-4-2003)
  2. Author?: Sliksteria!, in: Jackie Annal 1977, p. 22 - very interesting interview which has Slik reporting on their early days as Salvation (and breaking down tour-vans etc.) - added 20-8-2003
  3. Interviewer?: I dated a fan!, in: Mates 8 January, 1977, p. 29 (added 3-7-2003) - this is a nice report written by Midge mainly and telling how he actually dated a fan & journalist - several times! (will feature it somewhere)...
  4. Margit Rietti: Der neue Trick von Slik, in: Bravo, Nr. 13, 17-3-1977, p. 22-23 (added 06-05-2003) - this is quite a rare & interesting piece as it shows Slik on tour in 1977, gig reviewed in Club in Bedford - has Midge looking more like the Ultravox-man we would get to know a few years on from then...
  5. Pete Silverton: Back with a bullet, in: Sounds, 10 September, 1977, p. 10 + 12 (added 08-06-03)
  6. Robin Banks: The Rich Kids, in Zigzag, October 1977, p. 22-23
  7. Ian Cranna: The man who was almost rotten, in: NME, 22 October, 1977, p. 15 - this is a great interview with Midge who was just about to join the Rich Kids - the talk being all about how he nearly became a Sex Pistol - includes two "swop-around" pictures of Midge in the Sex Pistols and Johnny Rotten being part of Slik (added 02-05-2003)
  8. Sheila Prophet: No kidding, these boys are gonna be rich (just ask Sheila Prophet), in: Record Mirror, 17 December, 1977, p. 6
  9. Review of Rich Kids at Wolverhampton, Chris Brazier:...apathy in Wolverhampton, in: Melody Maker, 24 December 1977, p. 9 + 37