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  2. Class of '76, in: NME, 31 January, 1976, p. 15 - very small article on Slik plus other bands of the year
  3. Slik - for 76?, in: Top of the Pops, February 1976, p. 18
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  5. Rosalind Russel: The Slik Parade, in: Record Mirror, 21 February, 1976, p. 7
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  7. Slick Click, in: Melody Maker, 6 March, 1976, p. 1 + 25
  8. Giovanni Dadomo: Sliksongs and Descants. Teendreamland re-visited. Giovanni Dadomo mingles with the midgets and returns a favourable verdict on their latest faves, in: Sounds, March 20, 1976, p. 22-23 - Slik at the New Victoria - live, plus brief insight into work on their studio album with Martin & Coulter
  9. Author? Super Slik, in: Pink, 4 April, 1976, p. 8-9 (added 30-6-2003)
  10. Author?: Bravo-Star-Album. Slik. Besuch bei den vier Schotten in ihrer Heimatstadt, in: Bravo no. 17, 15 April, 1976, p. 43-45 (includes a great feature of the band in their hometown, Glasgow...showing Midge in front of his old school in Meadow Bank, Ashley poster in the middle-section, a photograph of Slik's manager Max Langdown (with whom Midge would later work on the 'Bloodied Sword') plus 'piccies' of the band at their local hairdresser "Cut'n'Dry"...)
  11. Slik kick off, in: Melody Maker, April 24, 1976, p. 1, plus in the same paper (new singles-section): Caroline Coon: Slik - it's love!, p.3 - review of the band's single "Requiem" plus small picture of Midge live
  12. Requiem for a tour, in Record Mirror, 24 April, 1976, p. 3
  13. in the same magazine: Jan Iles: Slik's second assault, in Record Mirror, 24 April, 1976, p. 6
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  15. Author?: Skippy - MIdge's heartbreak puppy. A Supersonic story, in: Supersonic no. 3, May 1976, p. 6-7 (includes poster) (added 30-4-2003) - this magazine includes THREE reports on Slik & Midge Ure (see next entry!), one being about Midge's puppy, Skippy (which he got at the tender age of 12!), the second about his "love affair with Fred (Astaire)"...and the third seeing Slik buying a Chevvy...all true to their image then!...
  16. Author?: Clunk - click! It's Slik!, in: Supersonic no. 3, May 1976, p.8-9 (added 30-4-2003)
  17. Author?: Slik cancel after crash, in: Melody Maker, 29 May, 1976, p. 4 (this is the news-item that informed Slik's fans of Midge's car crash and the consecutive cancellation of the band's first major UK-tour - added 12-7-03)
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  29. Pim Wierigna: Snikken om Slik, in: Panorama, p. 52-67 - included 24-8-2003, this is a brilliant report on Slik, with pictures never seen before featuring the band live
  30. Chas de Whalley: Ultravox - Nashville, in: Sounds, November 20, 1976, p. 51 - this is a review of the band at the well-known venue, Ultravox had just signed with Island Records. According to the review, this was their second appearance in London, support band was "Dust On The Needle".