Midge Ure - Chronology 1988-89...information taken from MIdge's official site and my own collection of videos, tour progs and things...(said)...UPDATED 14-2-2004

Date... EVENT... special comments / sources / pictures etc.....
6.6.1988 Radio 1 is backstage at The Prince's Trust (rehearsals I understand...concert was a couple of days later!) radio show
11.6.1988 Midge Ure appears at the Nelson Mandela Concert, functioning as Musical Director for an All Star Band and performing "Dear God" and "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" (together with Curt Smith from Tears for Fears) one-off gig
23.6.88 Midge appears at the The Prince's Trust-concert. Again he is Musical Director, introduces the programme and performs "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" live one-off gig
August? 1988 first single of Midge's second and first "real" solo-album, Answers to Nothing is released (album going by the same name) single-release
August 1988 Midge Ure appears live at British television show WOGAN, Answers to Nothing (in studio) TV app.
14.8.88 Radio 1 interviews Midge for show "Backchat" today (includes profile) radio show
1988 Midge interviewed for The Garden Party, Answers to Nothing-video shown TV app.
20.8.88 Radio 1's Richard Skinner interviews Midge Ure about his new album, Answers to Nothing (not yet released) radio show
27.8.88 Radio 1's Phil Schofield interviews Midge Ure today radio show
1988 It's Breakfast Time with Midge Ure...a 4 mins interview and Answers-video shown TV app.
November 1988 Midge's second single, Dear God, from the "Answers"-album is released single-release
2.11.88 Midge Ure performs his new single, Dear God, in studio at television show WOGAN TV app.
3.11.88 Radio 1's Simon Mayo interviews Midge about his new single, Dear God radio show
5.11.88 Midge Ure at Motormouth television show, peforming Dear God (in studio) TV app.
12.11.88 Frank Sidebottom interviews Midge Ure for television show Motormouth TV app.
  same day Midge's new single, Dear God, receives some further publicity through TV show "Going Live" where the video is shown TV app.
17.11.88 this is the first leg of a 6-date British tour entitled "The Flying 'B' Brothers" which includes Midge and the Brzezicki Brothers (Mark Unpronouncable of Big Country and his brother on bass); the opening night is at Sheffield Leadmill... tour
19.11.88 second date of the Flying 'B' Brothers-tour stopping by in Bristol (Moonclub) tour
19.11.88 Midge is interviewed for "Going Live" and the "Dear God"-video is shown again TV app.
20.11.88 third date of the "Flying B...Brothers" playing at Birmingham's Burberries tonite tour
21.11.88 it's the Edinburgh Venue tonite where the "Flying 'B' Brothers will perform a brilliant show. It's taped and stored for about 14 years...then made available on "official bootleg cd" "One Night In Scotland" via Midge's official site (seek it out!); part of the show is also available to a collecting crowd on a specially manufactured 12" release of "Dear God" backed with live versions of "Strange Brew" and "All Fall Down"; this release gives Midge Ure an entry into the Guinness book of Records for the fastest pressed single of the world... tour/record/cd releases
November 1988 there were apparently two further shows which the "Flying "B" Brothers played that November, one on the Isle of Wight, the other date is not known...(according to Midge's official site...any help?) tour
November? 1988 Midge appears on German television show Formel 1 where he is interviewed about his new single, Band Aid, his upbringing in Glasgow and his opinion about "religion" ("Are you a very religious man?") TV app.
29.11.1988 Midge is interviewed on a Cologne radio show (Germany) radio show
1988 Midge on Dutch television, Linela de Mol's, performs "Dear God" in studio TV app.
1988 Dutch television show Pop Formule has Midge Ure in studio, performing Dear God (he performed that often!) TV app.
1988 Midge Ure is interviewed for German television show Live Schlachthof and performs "Dear God" in studio TV app.
1988 Midge has his first taster of "This is your life" when he is part of a set-up band for Phil Collins (who gets the prize this time round); 2001 will see Midge Ure receive the same award on British television... TV app.

Midge Ure has travelled all the way to Canada for the first leg of his Canadian/US tour this spring and summer, promoting his new album "Answers to Nothing"; a number of gigs he will do supporting Howard Jones (HoJo) in June/July 1989; Midge will later also contribute a track to one of HoJo's albums ("In The Running")...tonite it's at Hamilton, Ontario where he performs...

4.4.1989 it's Midge in London...Ontario this evening tour
5.4.1989 Midge Ure performs at Ottawa, Ontario tonite tour
6.4.1989 Midge is at the Toronto Phoenix this evening tour
7.4.1989 It's Midge on Canadian radio! - CHOM FM interview with the man from Scotland radio show
8.4.1989 Midge plays the Montreal Spectrum tonite... tour
9.4.1989 Boston, MA is getting a special treat from Scottish "brogue"-singer, Midge Ure this evening.... tour
10.4.1989 Midge appears at New Haven, CT tour
11.4.1989 it's off to Washington, D.C. tonite where Midge Ure plays a set promoting his "Answers to Nothing" album tour
13.4.1989 in the past week or so Midge Ure has travelled to the United States of A...tonite 92.7 WDRE are broadcasting a live concert of the Midgemeister at Manhattan's The Ritz! radio show
14.4.1989 Midge is appearing live at Philadelphia, PA tour
15.4.1989 Midge (& band?) are off to Sag Harbour, NY tour
17.4.1989 Chicago is getting "a treat" from Midge Ure this evening tour
19.4.1989 off to Boulder, CO... tour
20.4.1989 next stop of the Midge Ure tour-bus is at San Francisco, CA tour
22.4.1989 it's Saturday 22 April, 1989 and Midge Ure appears at the Love Club, Fillmore (I take it) / San Francisco, CA tonite...there's a promotional poster around which I have seen sold on e-bay every now and then (and in a few other record shops) tour / promotional poster
23.4.1989 Midge Ure stops at Phoenix, AZ tour
24.4.1989 next stop is at Santa Carla, CA tour
26.4.1989 California gets another Midge Ure-gig at Ventura this evening tour
27.4.1989 San Juan Capistrans, CA... tour
28.4.1989 off to San Diego, CA tour
29.4.1989 final gig of this first US-tour for this year is held at Los Angeles, CA (and flight over...I guess) tour
13.6.1989 after a two months break(?), it's the second leg of Midge's US-tour, starting in Boston that day (MA Great Woods Center) supporting Howard Jones (Mansfield on the HoJo programme) tour (with HoJo)
14.6.1989 it's the Philadelphia PA Tower Theater that has Midge Ure perform tonite tour (with HoJo)
16.6.1989 Midge is at the Hazlet NJ (or Holmdel Garden States Arts Center as the promotional 12" for "Just for You" and the Howard Jones tour programme state...whichever way...) tour (with HoJo)
17.6.1989 it's Midge Ure at Jones Beach Amphitheater, Long Island, NY tonite tour (with HoJo)
18.6.1989 off to Columbia! - anyone seen any parts of this tour???!!! - Midge Ure performs at the Merriweather Post Pavillion tonite (date also mentioned in the Howard Jones-programme of that tour "Cross that line" - Midge's "Just For You" 12"-version mentions Baltimore, Merriweather Post Pavillion... tour (with HoJo)
20.6.1989 it's the Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh that has Midge Ure on tonite (no ketchup!) tour (with HoJo)

back to Toronto (ONT Kingswood Music Theater, Maple) tonite!, this was apparently in a tent

here's a review of that gig - clearly from a Howard Jones-fan, but Midge still seems to have impressed...(and that is always difficult if you are support)

tour (with HoJo)
23.6.1989 it's the Poplar Creek Music Theatre in Chicago, Hoffman Estate in Illinois this evening... tour (with HoJo)
1989 (June?) another live concert broadcast on US radio while Midge is on tour there; tonite it's Chicago's 93 XRT radio show radio show
24.6.1989 it's Midge and Howard Jones at the Cleveland OH Nautica Stage tonite! tour (with HoJo)
25.6.1989 it's the Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston, Detroit, MI where Midge Ure performs live tonite supporing Howard Jones! tour (with HoJo)
27.6.1989 off to Cincinatti, Ohio, the Timberwolf Amphitheater to see Midge Ure! - The Howard Jones programme gives the Riverbend, Cincinatti as venue these are in fact two venues still going strong today! tour (with HoJo)
28.6.1989 Midge Ure at the Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, MI tonite! tour (with HoJo)
30.6.1989 Midge Ure is fiddling in the green tonite (Denver, Fiddler's Green, Englewood CO)... tour (with HoJo)
2.7.1989 it's a friend's birthday today (hippie!....) and Midge Ure at San Diego, California (dreaming), performing at the Del Mar Fairgrounds this evening tour (with HoJo)
5.7.1989 Midge Ure performs live at the Los Angeles Universal Amphitheater tour (with HoJo)
6.7.1989 off to San Andreas and Santa Barbara, there's Midge Ure for you at the County Bowl...whichever way... tour (with HoJo)
7.7.1989 Midge Ure at Mountain View in California playing the Shoreline Amphitheater (this was the Amphitheater tour I guess...)..."rising up in the East is our day"... tour (with HoJo)
8.7.1989 It's Midge at San Francisco (any pictures available?), playing the Concord Pavillion tonight...supporting Howard Jones... tour (with HoJo)
9.7.1989 Sacramento, CA, Cal Expo Amphitheater has Midge Ure on this night! This is the last tour-date with Howard Jones for a few days; the next few Midge is doing alone until he meets his fellow Britpopper on 26 July, 1989 again to fulfill two more shows with HoJo tour (with HoJo)
11.7.1989 Midge Ure performs at the Reno NV Lalwer Events Center NOT SUPPORTING HOJO tour
13.7.1989 tonite we are desert rats...Midge is at Phoenix AZ - NOT SUPPORTING HOJO tour
15.7.1989 Midge Ure at Park City UT(ah) - NOT SUPPORTING HOJO tour
20.7.1989 it's Allentown PA where Midge Ure performs this evening - NOT SUPPORTING HOJO tour
21.7.1989 Midge is at Rochester NY this night - NOT SUPPORTING HOJO tour
22.7.1989 Midge Ure & band travel back to Canada where they perform in Ottawa, Ontario - NOT SUPPORTING HOJO tour
24.7.1989 Midge Ure at Montreal Quebec City Qc - NOT SUPPORTING HOJO tour
26.7.1989 it's the Bristol CT tonite where Midge and band peform IN SUPPORT OF HOWARD JONES tour (with HoJo)
27.7.1989 last leg of the Midge Ure US-tour (supporting Howard Jones) is taking place at a venue in Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY tonite tour (with HoJo)
August 1989 Midge is allegedly at home in Chiswick, and I have accidentally run into his daughter, Molly...! tour
9.11.1999 the world witnesses the fall of the Berlin wall...this inspires Midge to write a song entitled "Tumbling down" (very obvious) due for release on his next solo-album, entitled Pure...song is more in the 1920s waltzing style (waltzing into what - unity? - humba-ba-humba-ba-tae-tae-taaeee...etc....squeak) historic event / songwriting
November 1989 I remember that show! - Midge with "The Edge" moustache on German television show, Level 43 interviewed about football hooligans, his single, Dear God, Band Aid and such (all the obvious questions); quite a nice interview (and beard!) TV app.
1989 Midge on Sweet Dreams, a German television show (I missed that one!) interviewed TV app.
1989 Midge wrote film soundtrack for Class of 1999 entitled "Come the day" which is a brilliant track and not available anywhere else (now on DVD, see the film/soundtrack-section of this site...)...we stumbled (blindly) across it by chance, huh, isn't this Midge Ure? TV app. / soundtrack music