The Black & White Series....available via ONLY!!! (So there's for you, exclusive releases...) - updated 01-05-2003

On 28 May, 1998 Midge Ure & Band performed a live-concert at Hamburg's Fabrik which was taped and -a few weeks from then - broadcast on German radio station NDR2 (together with a "Verve"-gig!). Talks of an ensuing CD-release followed quickly after, however, the actual "deliverance" on record only came three years later when offered it exclusively on its website (it's still available...I think...!).

This was the first release of a series of - so far - four (live) albums put out through Midge's newly formed Environment label (& studio of the same name), situated nearby the famous Peter Gabriel Real World Studios near Bath,..... The live-recording of Midge's "Breathe"-band concerts, "A Glorious Noise", went down a storm and other equally highly demanded...rare...releases followed.

The Black & White Series champions these FURTHER releases, teaming up with - by now - two "official bootleg" cds and one brilliant collection of tracks Midge has written throughout at somewhat longer period of years and musical collaborations:

...further exclusive releases - we are told - are coming our way (an official notice on the news-board reports that the recent live-and-full-blown band shows ("Sampled, looped and trigger happy") were also taped on film and may be released on DVD sometime...this year???)

But why is it called Black & White Series? -

Well, have a look at the artwork....kept in simple Scotch whiskey-style (in the, not quite...bad joke, there you go!!!) - songs without any live-overdubs or studio additions...."it is what it is"

Just a little prayer here...

...."AAAUUUMM"....oh, err, "I'd open up my fist....and take the things I MISSED!!!" - Guess where's that from???? - One of these days....cummin' my way (and hopefully yours too!)...FEELS SO REAL!!!! - Please properly great releases...major artist under contract (no "Hymn") - Yes, I'll send you it if you willl....Guru guru guru me!!!!...)

Little Orphans... Intimate Moments... One Night In Scotland... WHAT MORE....