One Night In Scotland..NOV 21st 1988.....MIDGE URE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG.... the fourth exclusive release off Midge's label Environment...available on his official site only!!! No overdubs, no dotted flit-ins...just the plain recording (official bootleg that is!!)

My issue is numbered...61/100...what is yours? (what's my number?)...who's got number 1 (and who's the hundredth?)?????...leave a message in the....(got an "idea" Voxgate / EVENT we'll all team up with our numbered...and un-numbered editions and form a long and much too short...have our photos taken (geeh!)..."we bought them FIRST"...midge signing the rest of them too...he he he!!!!)

Front cover...signed by Midge Ure back cover....

Tracks are ["(...)"...just me]:

1. Just for You (just for fun...)

2. Take me home (not the Phil Collins one that is...! - so much better....I tink....sorry Phillll!!)

3. Answers to nothing (yes, it's me!)

4. Wastelands (someone, somewhere in summertime)

5. Lied (5:19...tat long?)

6. The Leaving (for all the tour-exiles around the world...)

7. No regrets (4:07)

8. Dear God (5:28)

9. If I Was (5:31)

10. All Fall Down (nope!)

11. Dancing with tears in my eyes (nope again)

12. Strange brew (brilliant track!) - 3:38


A snapshot from the Answers to Nothing UK tour 1988. The powerhouse is supplied by the Flying Brzezicki Bros (Mark - drums, percussions and BVs) and Steve on Bass. Originally recorded on multitrack this rough mix has no overdubs, drop ins or what have you. Mixed by Rik Walton. Produced by Midge Ure at Environment Studios, Bath. All rights reserved. Artwork by B & Midge. Manufactured by Digital Doctor. Cat no ENV04