Ryoichi Yuki....produced at Midge's Environment studios in Bath, between October 1996 to February 1997 - released 21 March, 1998

Ryoichi Yuki - Dear God first solo-release of this Japanese actor turned musician....


1. Heaven (originally written by Glenn Gregory and Midge Ure as "Personal Heaven"...see the "Little Orphans" album released in 2001 as depicted below)

4. Woven Lives (a different version features on the "Little Orphans" album...track called "Your Religion")

5. Aoi Blue

6. You're my Angel

7. Can

8. Love Came Down (again a different version of this is featured on Midge's "Little Orphans" album, song called "Love you gave" - lyrics for the (Japanese) version by Ryo, music by Midge...)

9. Our Loneliness

10. Dear God (not THAT one!...Ryo came up with his own creative output here...)

more on Little Orphans...

2. House of my Father (sung in a duet with Midge Ure)

3. Dolphin's Dream




originally released through Midi Creative Co, Japan, 1998

right: inlay...and lyric sheet, inlay includes four different shades of blue (Aoi Blue?) with different photographs of Ryoichi Yuki (adding up to a 3-D picture of the Yuki-voice)...ever swum with one (dolphin I mean?)...

aaaargh...speaking of...

and yoddel-di-yoddel-di-doohoo (Aoi Blue?) - considering the fact of cosmic consciousness (cc: carbon copy)....here's a book I can only

recommend (to those ditty little angels above):

American scientist Rachel Smolker lived with wild dolphins for about 20 odd years and forged all this into a tiny little book: To Touch A Wild Dolphin - nice title for a song btw...or would it?

for those of you who want to take a plunge...there's a chance...

right-hand side: that's me!! - (as featured in a book by Gerard Soury: Das grosse Buch der Delphine, p. 174)